Hi︎ My name is Eunice Park.
I am a Graphic Designer currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Poker Face

Typography, Poster Design

Experimental Event Poster

The event revolves around an upcoming poker night event inviting participants to a night of friendly competition and thrilling card games. The event features popular games such as Texas Hold’em, and attendees are encouraged to bring their best strategies and their poker face to the table.

Throughout the poster design project, we utilized six distinct methodologies, including expository, biomorphic, representational, sympathetic, ambiguous, and antithetical approaches. As a result, we generated a series of vastly different poster compositions in each round, with improvisation and experimentation being key drivers of the creative process. Every poster was unique, and the final version was a synthesis of all six methodologies.

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Fairfarren: Fairwell; May you travel far under fair skies.

Fairfarren is a fictitious alcohol brand that specializes in high quality Absinthe. The concept is inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. As one consumes more of this alcohol, they would travel far down the rabbit hole. Visual elements of the Queen of Hearts, the tea party, and the white rabbit are key to the concept of this brand. Taking reference to the Looking Glass which is a mirror into another unreal world of illogical behavior, asserts curiosity, danger, as well as excitement as the adventure takes on!

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Golden Grain

Packaging, Typography

Golden Grain is an HEB rice brand. Imported directly from rice paddy fields, it includes Italian Arborio rice, Thai Jasmine rice, and Indian Basmati rice. Picked from the first harvest, it ensures its highest quality and flavor.

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Stretch - Maximum Joy

Typography, Print

Stretch (1981) - Maximum Joy
Conceptual album redesign for the song “Stretch” by Maximum Joy. The objective was to use image making and creative interpretation to represent the sound of the music. The design reflects the chaos and heavy instrumentals that encompasses the mood and feel of the song, while also highlighting the energy and intensity of the band's performance. My interpretation captures the essence of the song and creates an immersive experience for the listener, complementing the musical journey. The use of bold colors and dynamic imagery emphasizes the emotion and rawness of the music, giving the album a unique and memorable identity.

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GT Sectra

Typography, Editorial

Coming Soon

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